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  • Basic Police Cyclist Course Training 

  • Bicycle Demonstration Management:  No other bicycle demonstration management program has been as thoroughly tested or used successfully as this one. No other demonstration management class is taught by individuals with the depth of experience from active officers that not only teach it but do it from TMT.

  • Consultation and review of your unit organization, training, and equipment selection.

  • Commanders' and Supervisors' demonstration management class:  This is, by far, the most important class that we offer. The commanders' understanding of the dynamics of crowd management, capabilities of their officers, and ability to manage their resources in a manner that protects free speech, public trust, and public order can be a challenge. 

  • For units that have an existing program that seeks to further develop their Officers and Supervisors, we now offer an Instructor Development course. This class will prepare your officers, supervisors, and team leaders to increase their understanding of how the tactics and crowd control concepts fully apply to successfully managed events.  Should it be necessary, TMT can serve as an expert witness for your agency in both criminal prosecutions as well as civil cases.


  • Our Instructor Development course can be tailored to meet most agencies Covid related restrictions

  • Customized classes to meet your departments' particular needs.

  • Package classes for officers and supervisors for savings.

  • All instruction is given by officers or supervisors that are actively serving in bicycle units or commanding bicycle units.


  • Understanding of crowd types and deployment strategies that maximize limited resources to maintain order

  • Maximize the tactical advantage of the mobility of the Bike

  • Strategies to manage different crowd types to minimize negative interactions, before the event even occurs

  • Understand how the Bicycle is best utilized to accomplish your crowd management goals

  • How to properly equip and manage your bike unit

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