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Police bicycle training, crowd control, public order bicycles


2020 was one of the most challenging years to policing in the history of the United States. Expectations of your police department and its officers have never been higher. Tiger Mountain Tactical is unrivaled in its depth of current experience and number of bicycle crowd management deployment. We understand the challenges agencies are facing leading into 2021 and beyond. Tiger Mountain Tactical is the only bicycle crowd control training company to provide training and consultation services to National Special Security Events to include the 2020 and 2016 RNC and the 2019 Superbowl.



Tiger Mountain Tactical can assist with training needs, from basic to advanced, as well as unit and equipment planning and evaluation. Our Instructor Development Course provides your instructor certifications based on Nationally accepted best practices to protect your officers and organization. Our Instructor Development Courses will assist you in building a complete program for your organization.



We have successfully trained a large number of small, medium and large police departments, both domestically and internationally. Properly trained and equipped bicycle units can provide your agency and officers with a professional resource that will be able to effectively deal with the evolving and complex challenges we are now facing in a manner that meets the evolving expectations both in the court and with the public.

"Our success with the Republican National Convention was directly related to your outstanding work. The city will be forever grateful to have had your assistance during this monumental event."


Thomas P. Mandzak

Cleveland Division of Police

Second District/Support Section




TMT Instructors developed bicycle crowd management and control training and tactics;  additionally, they have the most real-world experience as police cyclists in a variety of crowd management roles involving complex and well-organized entities. At TMT, we believe in the effectiveness of the mobility of the police cyclist in maximizing your police resources in crowd management. The mechanical advantage of the properly trained and equipped police cyclist team will give your agency three distinct advantages.  1. Maximize limited resources through maintaining a constant presence with dynamic and mobile crowds 2. The ability to apply specific responsibility to unlawful actions to individuals while protecting the rights of those around them lawfully expressing their 1st Amendment rights of free speech and assembly. This also meets public expectation in the manner in which this is accomplished by utilizing a popular police resource


About Lead Instructor JAMES DYMENT


Jim has spent the last 30+ years with the Seattle Police Department as an Officer, Sergeant, and Lieutenant. Jim has had assignments in Patrol, Street Crimes, the Gang Unit, created and Commanded a Wellness Unit, and the Bike Unit. He has a Riot and Disturbance Control Instructor Certification,  IPMBA Basic and BRT Instructor courses, and Level 1 and Level 2 IMBA Instructor certifications.  Jim developed the first policy and training for bicycle crowd management stemming from experiences during the 1999 World Trade Organization Conference in Seattle. The program has grown and evolved over the years through the experience only obtained from applying this training to supervising hundreds of managed events. Jim has also provided on the ground consultations with bicycle unit commanders during identified National Public Security Events to include the 2020 and 2016 Republican National Convention and the SuperBowl.


TMT Instructor experience includes 

New York Police Department, Charlotte/Mecklenburg Police, Orlando, FL PD, Orange County Sheriff FL, Tampa, FL PD, Atlanta, GA PD, St. Louis Metropolitan PD, St. Louis County PD, Dubai Police, Greenville, SC PD, Dayton, OH PD, Michigan State Police, Ann Arbor, MI PD, Lansing, MI PD, California Highway Patrol, Ames PD, King County, WA PD, NYPD, Bellevue, WA PD, Cleveland, OH PD, Akron, OH PD, Avon PD, Port of Seattle PD, Kent, WA PD, Auburn, WA PD, Puyallup, WA PD, Federal Way, WA PD, Fife, WA PD, as well as numerous Swiss, Belgium, and French Police agencies.  TMT is ready to bring this training and experience to your department.


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